"Expression is nothing without Strategy.
    Strategy is nothing without Insight. Insight."
  • — Span Consulting
  • Ignorance is expensive.

    Too many organisations are focused on a narrow, incomplete view of 'the way it is', and then make flawed, linear assumptions about 'the way it should be'. Span helps clients identify a more insightful and inspirational 'is', leading to an innovative vision of 'the way it could be'.

    A brand does not begin or end with marketing communications, advertising, or logos. The brand is the steady heartbeat of the business, providing focus and aspiration to employees and consumers and driving long-term growth and profit.

    Meaningful brands are not built by lengthy mission statements, pages filled with brand mantras, platforms, promises, propositions, blueprints, contracts, values, traits, attributes, personalities, or complex messaging matrices. They are built with clear, concise, and actionable insight and vision.

    We — like your customers — are 'touchpoint neutral'. Span is focused on the complete customer journey and overall brand experience. Therefore, we recommend the solutions and mediums that connect with your audiences and express your brand strategy — not just the tactics that suit our biases or the
    latest trends.

    Offer consumers more relevant solutions and meaning, not more advertising.

    Long-term strategic thinking, not short-term 'campaign' or 'sales' thinking.

    Less hype, more substance.